Scam Alert - Latest Phone Scams

I just got the following scam alert from my state senator, Bob Duff. I've received the phone message (a robocall) that Connecticut State Senator Duff cites in his alert. It sounds real, but it certainly designed to prey upon seniors.

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Last week, I sent out a notice to the media about a call I received at my home regarding getting a free medical alert system. The person who left a message sounded very professional, calm and certain. It was nothing more than a scam. Turns out, many people from all over the country have received the same call - some multiple times. I received a lot of feedback, so I want to make sure you are aware too.

Click here to find out more information and to listen to the message. (It's a "wav" file, which works best on Internet Explorer.)

Secondly, a senior called me because she received a live call about a "new" Medicare card. That's also a scam. Medicare will never call you. It's happening nationally and here's more info:

Many times the calls come from out of state or another country, which makes prosecution difficult. Only by staying vigilant and passing along information to our loved will be outsmart these criminals.


P.S. With these scammers, I've found that it's not a good idea to press numbers to be taken off their lists. It just alerts them that it is a "working" number. Hang up or use your call i.d. and don't even answer the phone.

Senator Bob Duff
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