Darien Senior Center

We met with Nancy Zengo, head of the Darien Senior Center, last month. Nancy said that her seniors are a lively bunch who want exercise classes and to have fun. They do art and join in lots of activities. She agrees that they mostly want to stay in their homes, but expense and frustrations with maintenance cause many to move. She cited the same thing as the NY Times article. People need help changing difficult lightbulbs or changing screens and storm windows. But few ask for help.

Also, Darien is an expensive place to live. Property taxes and costs of health care are the top expenses, and although seniors could take advantage of reverse mortgages to free up their cash flow, they tend not to do it.
Herein lies our problem. How can we get people to do what they need to do to stay put and age with grace?
Here's a link to the Darien Senior Center Web site:

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