Voluntary Services for the Blind

I was talking to one of my senior friends yesterday. She is a shut-in. She told me that she uses Gallivant in Darien and the Red Cross to drive her places. She also uses Voluntary Services for the Blind. She said they do all sorts of things for people and highly recommends them.

Here is a link to their site:


Senior Transportation in Darien, CT

Great News for Seniors in Darien, Connecticut!

The Red Cross is now taking seniors shopping. Formerly, the Red Cross would only shop for seniors who could not get out to the store themselves. Now, Red Cross volunteers will pick seniors up and shop with them and take them home.

Here is information about Contacting the Darien Red Cross:

Darien Chapter

39 Leroy Avenue
Darien, CT 06820-4416
need directions?

Fax: 203-655-2589
E-mail: darien@ctredcross.org

Lorraine Ebel, Director

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