Aging In Place in the News

In the past two weeks, community help for people who are aging has been in the news. Two weeks ago, the Darien Times ran a piece by Kathy Lake on the needs of our town's aging population. Last week the paper ran an opinion piece by me on the Aging in Place initiatives of the Human Services Planning Council and The First Congregational Church of Darien. These articles have gotten a response. Older people who are complete strangers to me have called or emailed to tell me that they didn't know that local services exist to help the elderly. It just shows that communication needs improvement -- and that people do need help. You can contact me at That's my newspaper column email address.

On Sunday, the Stamford Advocate ran an article on Stamford Senior Services. This article (see link below) clearly showed all the services that an organization can supply. I'm going to talk to them to see what I can learn.,0,4970867.story?coll=inthecommunity-headlines