Dozens arrested in NYC, LA in Medicare scheme -

When I read news like this, it makes me sick. Truly needy Americans who are suffering from illnesses sometimes can't get the coverage they need. Our Medicare system is being overrun by cost increases. Fraud steals from all of us who are paying higher and higher premiums into the system. I can't figure out how bureaucrats stop legitimate folks from getting their care covered, while overseas thieves get away with fraud. I'm glad these people were finally caught.

Dozens arrested in NYC, LA in Medicare scheme -

ITNAmerica Has Given 300,000 Rides to Seniors

I learned about ITNAmerica two years ago when I heard the founder speak. Started in Portland, Maine, as a small nonprofit, ITNPortland developed a system for giving rides to seniors who cannot drive. The concept was to make people safer, while increasing the freedom seniors have after giving up the keys to the car. They use volunteers and computer software to schedule rides in a highly efficient and effective manner. In fifteen years the model has spread across the country.

ITNAmerica just announced that its affiliates have given 300,000 rides. The organization claims that "on any given day, 3.6 million seniors do not leave home, in part because they lack safe and reliable transportation." The success isn't cheap. It takes a lot of fund raising to keep it all going.

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