SustiNet Bill Wins Legislative Approval in CT

I'm not sure how I feel about this legislation requiring insurance companies not to charge older people or sicker people more in premiums in Connecticut. NY has similar legislation, and it makes health insurance unaffordable for the young. I fear that we will lose insurance companies who currently write insurance in CT. Golden Rule won't write insurance in NY or MA because it can't discriminate in those states. Health insurance for a healthy young person is less than $90/month in CT, but it's close to $1,000 in NY. CT allows high deductible plans; NY doesn't. This legislation may prove to be very costly for many people.

Here is the article about Sustinet Legislation in Connecticut -- from AARP website:

SustiNet Bill Wins Legislative Approval!


One of the highlights of Connecticut’s 2009 regular Legislative Session, which ended at midnight on June 3, was the passage of SustiNet (H.B. 6600), a comprehensive health reform bill, endorsed by AARP, that would provide quality, affordable coverage to all Connecticut residents who need it. The bill, which would be phased in over several years, promises to provide more than 98 percent of state residents with affordable, quality health coverage by 2014.

The legislation passed in the Connecticut House of Representatives on May 20, 2009 by a vote of 107 to 35 and, aided by the advocacy of AARP members and volunteers, it passed the Senate chamber on May 30, 2009 by a vote of 23 to 12. AARP, along with the bill’s creator, the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, and dozens of supporting organizations, are urging the Governor to sign this landmark legislation into law. Find out the current status of SustiNet and get the latest Journal News, updates, and information from AARP Connecticut at

SustiNet includes a number of provisions that AARP believes are critical to comprehensive health reform, including: the assurance that rates will not be based on age, gender or health status; guaranteed coverage for those with chronic or pre-existing conditions; a comprehensive benefits package; subsidies to make coverage affordable for low-income individuals and families; and the preservation of choice for Connecticut consumers, by allowing those who are happy with their current private coverage to keep it.

AARP Connecticut State President Don Ciosek said, “These are the major building blocks of reform that, together with cost-saving measures such as increased use of Health Information Technology, an emphasis on wellness and prevention, and better coordinated care, will ensure Connecticut continues to be a national leader in the care of its most vulnerable and put our economy back on solid financial footing.”

According to AARP Connecticut State Director Brenda Kelley, “A tremendous amount of work, resources and commitment went into designing SustiNet and we now stand at the apex of a monumental opportunity to reform our health care system, lower costs and provide quality, affordable coverage for all Connecticut residents.”

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