Beacon Hill Village Gets Expansion Grant

Beacon Hill Village, the organization in Boston that is riding the crest of the aging in place wave, has secured a replication grant from the Milbank Foundation. They did this because so many people across the country have asked for help in starting their own organizations based on the BHV model. Their press release is below.

VtV Network

Earlier we emailed you to ask for your ideas how a network of Villages could help you. We also asked you to express any interest you may have in joining this network.
We wanted to let you know that The Village to Village Network has recently received a $50,000 grant from the Milbank Foundation for Rehabilitation to expand the Village model nationwide. This grant will be used to build some of the services and delivery methods that communities have requested. Click here for Press Release.

This grant means that the VtV Network will become a reality soon.

We would like to be certain that we offer what you will need. So please go to our new website, and read what we are planning; then give us your opinion and level of interest by completing the short questionnaire. Thank you if you have already submitted the survey!

The VtV Network is a collaboration between BHV and NCBCI.

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