How To Help Caregivers

One of the women who comes to our church's monthly lunches (First Congregational Church of Darien, UCC) for older members is a caregiver. She can only get out to a few lunches when her husband is receiving a medical treatment. It does her so much good to be with other ladies, enjoying the lively conversations. (We are determined to solve the problems of the world and discuss them quite seriously!)

But I've wondered what else we could be doing for this truly lovely lady and what resources exist online that could help. In my searches I discovered that the Mayo Clinic has some basic advice on how to help caregivers. Take a look.

I've also learned that our Darien Senior Center runs support groups for caregivers. What a great local resource.

If you want a new site that lets you play games and interact with other caregivers online, check out The Caregiver Village.  (Full disclosure - they contacted me to recommend themselves. Since I like entrepreneurship, I'm posting the link.)

Being a caregiver can be tiring, lonely and frustrating. You do not have to do it alone! Seek and find the support that is out there.

Please post your own resources to share with others. Thanks!

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