Enjoy Cooking and Eating by Yourself

I give vegetables from my garden to my older neighbor because she really enjoys preparing fresh, healthful food for herself. But some older adults can feel uninspired to cook a good meal for just one person. It can be hard to come up with interesting ideas. That's why I love "Serves One" by my cousin and food expert Toni Lydecker.

Ms. Lydecker has created a really wonderful cookbook with a wide array of delicious, easy-to-make recipes. She has a really nice style, and the book has lovely photographs which make the food look really appealing.

The thing I like best is that most of the dishes are not just yummy, but also practical and healthful. Lydecker has included many vegetable-based recipes, so if you're looking to get more fresh vegetables into your diet, this book will be very useful.

I will admit that since I know Toni, and have had the great good fortune to dine at her house, I know what a wonderful cook she is. I've given the book to members of my family who live alone and cook for one, and they say it's come in very handy. I cook for two, so I just double the recipes -- my favorite one is for soft polenta. (Although I do make it with variations of my own.)

 The book is definitely worth buying and is available at Amazon. (See link on this page.)

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