KFC - Komen Breast Cancer Promotion Blunder

A coupon book arrived in the mail yesterday shouting - "Save at KFC - help fight breast cancer".

Eat fast food and fight breast cancer? My mind was boggled. Pink buckets of friend chicken? Were they color blind or just tone deaf?

But then I opened the booklet. Staring me in the face: "BREAST DEAL - $2.59."

I still cannot believe that this promotion is real. How could the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization even begin to think it is doing the right thing with this promotion? How could KFC?

This has to be the biggest blunder of a promotion I have ever seen. I think the whiz-kids who thought this one up didn't think far or fast enough. Promoting eating breasts to raise money for breast cancer? It is just plain wrong on so many levels.

Obviously, the people involved with this promotion haven't read the research that fast food is making the nation obese. Obesity promotes cancer. Health and cancer experts tell people to eat less fried food, less processed food, less fast food. Even the Susan G. Komen Foundation itself says that weight gain can contribute to breast cancer:
Looking at this promotion to me is like hearing nails on a chalk board.


KFC Buckets Go Pink To Help Fight Breast Cancer: "PRESS RELEASE: --(BUSINESS WIRE)--KFC: WHAT: Starting today, KFC ..."

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