Financial Strain of Caring for Parents

When you need to take care of your older parents, it can be a drain on your emotions and your finances. I know this from first-hand experience. After a massive stroke, which left my intelligent mother permanently confused, I cared for her for eight years. I found her a nursing home after her hospital stay. But after 6 months, she begged me to take her out.

I did, finding her an apartment and a series of home-health-care aides to watch over her. Eventually, Babe (my mom) needed round-the-clock care, and we found a good nursing home for her. During all this, I had to manage her finances. I was an only child, and all the other relatives were dead, so in some ways, this made things a little easier. But I worked in NYC and later had a baby, so I had demands on my time.

My experience is one reason I have become so involved with Aging in Place in Darien. It's also why I found this article in the New York Times --
Taking Care of Parents Also Means Taking Care of Finances,

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