ALOFT - Rural/Small Town Aging in Place

ALOFT - Active Living Over Fifty, which is in northern Westchester, NY, cuts across eight small towns to connect older adults who want to stay in their homes with all the support systems that already exist through towns and agencies. It is a membership organization that also provides social activities and does advocacy. The members are encouraged to connect to their town, houses of worship and other organizations -- and to connect with each other.

ALOFT does not compete with town services. However, through very active task forces, the organization is zeroing in on improving the delivery of services more efficiently and effectively, specifically taking on health care (encouraging more home health care in the area), transportation, intergenerational activities, livable communities/housing/land use, and more.

They are advocating for the region and towns to find ways to creatively stretch tax dollars in helping people age in place. They loosely follow the BHV model.

Go to the website to learn more.

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Mary Ellen Riverwalker said...

I am a seniors Yoga teacher -- 12 years now --- am 64 yrs of age myself --- and would LOVE to get involved in helping seniors in their home.