Too Much Junk Mail From AARP

The amount of junk mail in my regular mailbox has dwindled. But email is free, and the amount of junk, especially from AARP, is beginning to bug me. AARP is always trying to get me to contact my state or federal legislators about some sort of legislation. Or they send me the recipe of the week or the trip of a lifetime. I haven't shut them off because I feel that I need to know what's going on with seniors for my volunteer work with Aging in Place in Darien. So I just delete the emails.

But really, do they need to send so many? I wonder what other people feel about this?

AARP has some very useful information and services. I'm very impressed with their travel services. But I wonder about all the lobbying they do with their membership about health care and other senior issues. I tend to pick and choose what I'll bug my Congressman or Senator about.

How do you feel?

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