Try Pickleball!

Yesterday, I tried playing Pickleball for the second time in my life. The first time was outside on Cape Cod while visiting relatives. Yesterday was in the Darien Town Hall gym. A friend (Ruth Anne Ramsey, who is a local realtor) arranged for a demonstration Town Hall in an effort to get our Parks and Recreation Department to sponsor Pickleball.

Ruth Anne says Pickleball is great for all ages, kids through seniors, and I agree. Our coach for the day was 80 years old. She made sure to get people out of the audience to come out on the court and try their hand at playing. Ruth Anne also told me that the Darien Schools have introduced Pickleball into their physical education program.

If you haven't tried Pickleball, it's a great way to get out and get exercise without putting as much strain on your joints as you do in tennis or paddle tennis. Take a look at the YouTube videos (see below) and the Pickleball website for more information. Then, get something going in your town.

Watch for announcements about Pickleball in Darien, CT.

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Anonymous said...

Great fun game for seniors and not so seniors. Easy to learn and to play. Hope it starts in Darien for all to enjoy.