Dealing With Blogger

A friend just alerted me that this blog had disappeared! When I checked, indeed, it did not exist. Of course, I went into panic mode. The lesson I've learned from this episode is that fiddling with online software is not as easy as some people say it is.

Following another friend's advice, I thought I could make my blog's domain look like another one. I have registered as a domain, and I redirect it to this blog: He told me I could redo my settings so that would look like the name of the blog all the time, not just redirect. Well, it didn't work.

So much for believing that I am tech savvy. But I believe I've fixed the problem now. If you've been following this blog, and got confused that it had disappeared, I hope you'll come back.

Thanks to all, and especially to my friend from my Wharton Alumni Networking Group!


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