New Approach - New Title

If you follow this blog, you should know that I have changed the title to: "Independent Seniors" from "Aging With Grace."  I have registered a new address, too, "". You'll see that still comes up in the address line. I've left that as it is so as to not confuse search engines. But my heart and mind are in the right place. I've learned from my older friends.

Too many older adults have told me that "aging in place" or "aging with grace" has the wrong connotation. As one of my older eloquent pals told me:

"I am definitely aging (88 1/2), but in spite of the fact that I am in
my home, I do not feel that I am "in place" nor do I feel that I am
doing whatever I am doing "with grace."  I think I have mentioned to
you before that the title "Aging in Place" conveys to me the picture
of an inactive, helpless person who has decided that life is over and
action of any kind is undesirable.  It sounds like a static condition,
whereas I feel and believe that the most important thing we can do as
we age is move--participate, reach out, enjoy.  There are multiple
ways we can do this, and no doubt your writing will deal with some of
this, but I feel that the title is not going to get me to read it in
the first place.

"The strange thing about age is that there is a part of you that never
does feel old.  Maybe the bones ache, or the mind refuses to bring up
a word, but for most of the older people I know the spirit is strong
and memory holds a basket full of goodies along with a few pickles.
...I think the title needs to convey a more upbeat feeling than "Aging in

So here we are with a new approach. I want to hear from you!. I have another email, too:

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