Practical Assisted Living Structures

Most people want to stay in their homes as they age, but the structure of the home may not be conducive to someone whose mobility or balance has changed. Retrofitting the house with grab bars is one way people can cope. But what about stairs, wheelchair accessibility and other obstacles?

Henry Racki, who owns Rockfall Company, has designed a solution -- Practical Assisted Living Structures. His company has filed for a patent on the design and is now manufacturing and installing the structures at existing homes in Connecticut. A PALS unit is a self-contained living area with bedroom and bathroom. It can be installed as an addition to your home and taken away when no longer needed. The cost is fraction of what it would cost to be in a nursing home. The savings can help pay for home health aides or other assistant to come to your home to help with bathing, cooking, dressing or other needs.

A couple of weeks ago The Record Journal ran an article about a woman in Meriden, CT, who is now living in a PALS -- and staying out of a nursing home. Take a look:

For more information on PALS, visit their website:

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