Choosing a Nursing Home

I've been lucky. I found a good nursing home for my mother when she was suffering from confusion. But it was a matter of trial and error. The first one was a horrible experience. After six months, I took her out and hired help for her so that she could live in her own apartment. But eventually, I had to go nursing home hunting again. I found a much better one with a caring staff the second time around. My mother-in-law is also in a really nice home with a good staff that seems to stay in good spirits and actively interacts with the patients.

Jane Brody wrote last week about what makes a good nursing homes in her column in the New York Times. It is an article worth reading if you are facing choosing a home for a loved one. Here is the link and a synopsis. If you work in a home or have a loved one in a home, it's even more important to read.
Nursing Homes That Belie the Bad Image
Published: October 6, 2009
A facility in Miami could serve as a model for others across the nation.

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