Aging in Place in Northwest Ann Arbor, MI

I put out a call to organizations nationwide that are helping people age in place to see if they would be willing to share their information on my blog. The first place I heard from was the Dexter-Miller Community in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They have a really cool model, similar to Community Without Walls in Princeton, NJ. Here is their flyer and website:

The Dexter-Miller Community, Ann Arbor, Michigan 8/11/2008

The Dexter-Miller Community (DEXMIL) is a non-profit neighborhood services cooperative, incorporated in Michigan in 2008. Members are willing to exchange services with each other to simplify and enhance their quality of life. Members agree that every service exchanged in the community has equal value based solely on the time spent providing it and that everyone has something to offer.

MembershipMembership is limited to 300 households in Northwest Ann Arbor. There is a $15.00 initiation fee plus dues of $12.00 per year. Each member’s name and contact information with services and equipment offered is listed in the DEXMIL Community Directory available only to other community members.

Accounting SystemMembers receive scrip worth 16 DEXMILS (DM) upon joining and earn more by providing services or lending equipment to others in the community. One DM equals fifteen minutes of service or one hour’s loan of equipment. Under special circumstances the Board of Directors may sell or grant additional DMs to specific households.ProcessA Directory listing the services and equipment offered by each household is updated periodically.

Members seeking services or equipment loans simply search the Directory for another household offering that service or equipment. They can then call or email a provider directly and arrange the exchange. Members may occasionally consult a member of the Board of Directors for help in finding or arranging exchanges.

Additionally, a list of Professional Service providers recommended by other coop members is maintained on our website together with contact information and satisfaction ratings from community members. Professional Service providers may be contacted directly but checking with a Director first may help to find a provider offering discounts for multiple jobs in our area over the same time period.

Almost any type of service can be offered and exchanged but the following types have been identified as important to most members:
Home repairs Computer assistance
Lawn & garden care Equipment exchange
Vacation care for pets & plants House cleaning
Mending, tailoring, sewing Books/records exchange
Seasonal: Snow & leaf removal,
IRS forms etc. Driving

More Information View our website at:

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