Handyman Services

What services do people need to help them age at home? In our research, handyman services and transportation topped the list.

Yesterday, we met the founder of Handy Dandy Handyman Service, Peter Brady. HDHM is a nonprofit right here in Connecticut. They do chores and provide handyman services to people for free. They rake leaves, fix roofs, change lightbulbs, paint.... You name it; they do it. They help the shut-ins, the needy and people who just aren't able to do these things themselves or have trouble finding help or hiring help. In the end, lots of folks wind up giving the organization a donation because they are so grateful.

Visit their Web site to learn more at: http://www.hdhm.org/. Peter started this organization to give back to his community and to God. What he and his volunteers have accomplished in seven years is truly amazing and is a model we are looking at closely. Stay tuned for more information about our quest to help people Age In Place -- Age with Grace.

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