Doing Research & Starting a Handyman Corps

I'm now on a town-wide committee to investigate how to help people who want to stay in their homes to do just that. So I'm wearing two hats -- one for our church's faith-based initiative and one for our secular, nonprofit community effort.

In the community effort, we're going to do some local research to see what the 65+ town populuation wants and needs. We'll start with qualitative research and then quanitfy our findings. I feel we should do something similar at church.

In the mean time, I've gathered a group of men who are willing to do handyman type chores at older church members' homes -- changing a light bulb, taking down screens and putting up storm windows, tightening a doorknob or setting up email. We set up our handyman corps because we kept hearing that doing simple things like changing light bulbs gets harder with age. Now, we just need to get the older people to ask for the help they need.

This is a slow process. But we will make progress.

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