Just Beginning

A group at The First Congregational Church of Darien has started a committee to see how we can help people in our church and our community age in place, or as I like to say, age with grace. Studies show that 80% of people do not want to leave their homes as they grow older. They don't want to abandon familiar surroundings and friends that they love in order to move to assisted living or other retirement or institutional settings.

How can the faith community help people who want to stay at home longer? How much should we help? A group in Boston, Beacon Hill Village, is a nonprofit that is dedicated to helping people stay at home as they age. They offer a full range of services (http://www.beaconhillvillage.org/). You can read more about them on the AARP Web site at: http://www.aarp.org/bulletin/longterm/declaration_of_independents_build.html

As our group explores how to help people best, we'll post our progress here.

Post your ideas or comments. We'd love your input.

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